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IPOPNG eFiling System

The Intellectual Property Office of Papua New Guinea (IPOPNG), a business unit within the Investment Promotion Authority has progressed consistently in improving its registration system since 2007 with a complete transformation of its registration process through a manual system to full automation of filings. In 2020, the office stopped accepting manual/paper lodgments and started accepting electronic lodgments via email ( The Office has now gone a step further by introducing the new web based “IPOPNG e-Filing system”.

The Office is pleased to announce the launch of our “IPOPNG e-Filing system” for Trademarks, Patents and Industrial Designs, which is now available to the public and our regular clients since 17th April 2023.

The IPOPNG eFiling system is a single online portal for local IP Agents and IP right holders to electronically file new trade mark, patent, industrial design applications with supporting documents to the National IP Office. The system also offers support for post-filing requests.

The system will help IPOPNG reduce the file processing backlog and deliver better services to our stakeholders through online services. It offers applicants complete end-to-end electronic filing experience from applications drafting up to instant update of its processing status. IPOPNG e-filing provides online filing services for local agents whereby new patent, industrial design and trademark applications are drafted and submitted with required supporting documents. Post-filing requests are also supported including renewal, annuity payments, change of owner, change of representatives, amended claims, description, etc.

Through the e-Filing system, local IP agents can view, filter and manage e-filing requests in portfolios. The local agents will also be able to receive online Office correspondences in response to their e-Filing requests.

The IPOPNG e-Filing platform was made possible through the assistance of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) who developed and deployed the system to IPOPNG. The WIPO continues to assist countries in the development of IP registrations with capacity building of IP Officer and its IT staff. IPOPNG is a success story as a result of WIPO’s assistance and we are grateful for this great partnership we have with WIPO.

The office is now encouraging local IP Agents, IP right holders and business entities who intend to apply for an IP registration to use the IPOPNG e-Filing system to lodge trademark, patent and industrial designs applications and supporting documents.

The IPOPNG e-Filing system will start accepting new applications with post filing documents having high volume of filings. Other post filing documents having low volume of filings will continue to be lodged offline via IPOLodgements email ( until such time when all documents are made available for online filing.

All local IP Agents, IP right holders and business entities seeking to file new applications or submit post filings must file online using the IPOPNG e-Filing system. All payments must be done using credit cards when using the system. Anyone intending to file an application, must first complete a Registration and Authorization Form for the establishment of a PNG IP online filing account which can be downloaded on our website and submitted via email to
The System is available through the IP Services menu of the IPOPNG website on  or directly through
The IPOPNG stands ready to assist the public and our clients for a smooth transition in using the e-Filing platform.
For further queries send email to

To access IPOPNG e-Filing System please click here.
To register as IPOPNG e-Filing System User, download the User/Agent Registration Form.
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