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How long does it take for me to have my trade mark registered?

What happens after my trade mark has been approved for registration?

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How Important is the Classification of Good and Services?

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What is a Trademark SearchTM Search?

How can I do a Trademark Search?

What is the fee for the Trademark Search?


A trade mark is a marketing tool if developed and nurtured may become the most valuable asset of any business. The public will identify a certain quality and image with goods and services bearing your trade mark. It is important to have a distinctive trade mark should you wish to introduce a new product or service and want to establish an image for it.

However, note that not all trade marks can be registered. Under the Trade Marks Act, a trade mark is not registrable if it's not capable of distinguishing your goods or services from same or similar goods or services of other traders in the market place. Trade marks similar to earlier marks or those that would mislead the public will be difficult to register.

This is why you should do a search of our Trade Mark Registry before using a new trade mark and before filing an application to register it. The search could also save you trouble and money by alerting you to existing trade marks which are so similar to the one you plan to use, and this may prevent you from any legal action.

Advice and assistance when applying for a trade mark, and professional searches of the IPOPNG's Trade Marks Registry, can be obtained from our Local IP Firms/Agents.


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