11-19 Nov 2011, SINGAPORE

The World Intellectual Property Organisation in cooperation with National University of Singapore is conducting a week long workshop on the various areas of Intellectual Property (IP) and how it can be harnessed and managed using existing business operations through Research and Development (R&D) of new products.

The program targets executives and managers involved in R&D or with responsibility for the development and management of new products and processes including corporate technical staff, laboratory directors, managers responsible for the product or project engineering organizations, heads of research programs and managers with a heavy stake in the successful running of the company's R&D effort.

I hope, that your office/company/business will find the information provided and the program attractive to attend to gain indepth knowledge of IP and how it can help your business portfolio.

Please refer to handouts for more information on the program and the expanses involved in attending this workshop in Singapore.

The deadline for registration is on the 21 October 2011.

For further information, please contact Ms. Zenerdine Chee-Gagau on email