What is an Industrial Design?

Why protect Industrial Design?

Who administers Industrial Design protection?

How long is the term of protection?

To what does industrial design apply?

How can industrial design be protected?

What are the requirements for registration?

How is an industrial design application processed?


Industrial designs are applied to the wide variety of products of industry and handicraft.

To be protected under the national law, an industrial design must appeal to the eye. This means that an industrial design is primarily of an aesthetic (artistic) nature, and does not protect any technical feature(s) of the article to be applied.

A registered design can be a valuable commercial asset. Registration gives the owner protection for the visual appearance of the product but not the feel of the product, what it is made from or how it works. To be registrable a design must be new and distinctive both in PNG and abroad.

Before filing an application, you should search existing design records. If your design is not new and distinctive, any registration you receive could be revoked as a result of examination and your registration could be worthless. You may also face legal action if you infringe the design rights of the owners of other similar designs.

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