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IPs Vital Role In Difficult Times

IPs Vital Role In Difficult Times.

The dynamics of the IP system of intellectual currency have economic and competitiveness benefits for businesses small and large, the wider economy and governments themselves. It should be no surprise, therefore, that in difficult economic times, government leaders are increasingly focused on the importance of the IP system for driving innovation in new areas of technology, and protecting those innovations against expropriation. While IP cannot cure all of the current economic ills, it certainly can play an important role: keeping the engine running for new ideas, products and services in widely diverse areas of technology; keeping these markets healthy; and fuelling much needed employment, tax, productivity, GDP and other economic growth for the benefit of all.

[This is an excerpt from the publication released by WIPO called The Role of IP in Promoting Economic Growth through Innovation. To read the complete publication, please visit the Download menu to get a copy]